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The setup

Backbone.js for MV* on frontend, RequireJS for dependency management, and REST services to retrieve data from DB. The services are on the same domain as the web app.

The problem

When I fetch a collection from the server via a REST service in IE 7, the error callback is thrown. When I check the xhr object, the status is 0 and the statusText is 0. This is only an issue in IE 7. FF and Chrome have no problem with the ajax GET.

Here is the code (AMD definition)

  ], function(_, Backbone, ImageLink, AppReg) {

    var collection = Backbone.Collection.extend({

        ajaxRequest: false,

        highestKey: 0,

        polling : false,

        pollDelay: 7500,

        // Reference to this collection's model.
        model: ImageLink,

        url: function(){ 

            return "http://samedomain:4020/api/imageLinks" + "?userId=" + this.user;

        user: "",

        initialize: function() {

            // ensure correct context of 'this'
            _.bindAll(this, 'startPolling', 'stopPolling', 'executePolling', "onFetch");

            var _this=this;

            console.log('Image Links collection has been initialized.');


        // used for sorting collection, sorts based on the lowercase value of the imageLink's text attribute
        comparator: function(imageLink) { 

            return imageLink.get('text').toLowerCase(); 


        // override parse function to prevent backbone from updating empty data returned from server
        parse: function(response,options) {


            if (options.xhr.status===204) {
                return this.toJSON();
                return response;


        getHighestKey: function() {

            if (this.length) {
            else {  
                return this.highestKey;


        startPolling : function() {

            this.polling = true;

            this.highestKey = this.getHighestKey();



        stopPolling : function() {

            this.polling = false;


        executePolling : function() {

            if (this.ajaxRequest == "") {

                this.ajaxRequest = this.fetch({ reset:true, complete: this.onFetch, timeout: 30000, data: $.param({ key: this.highestKey }), 
                    error: function(model, xhr, options) {



        onFetch : function () {

            this.ajaxRequest = "";

            this.highestKey = this.getHighestKey();

            if( this.polling ) {

                // poll database



    return collection;



The page works fine when rendering under IE 7 using the developer tool in IE 9. The problem only occurs when loaded in IE 7 stand alone.

Also, I perform the following at app start up:

      // do not cache any ajax requests
      $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false });

      // needed for IE CORS support
      $.support.cors = true;
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The problem was that I am hosting the service on a different port than 80, where my javascript is running. So, I was running into IE7's lack of CORS support, even with the same domains, the port numbers have to match too.

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