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I'm trying to use WebClient class to view the content of a hebrew page, but get gibberish instead of Hebrew.

My code is:

using (WebClient webClient = new WebClient())
    webClient.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.ContentType, "charset=windows-1255");
    string page = webClient.DownloadString("http://hebrew-academy.huji.ac.il/Pages/default.aspx");

I'm receiving the English content correctly, but the Hebrew content is Gibberish for example:

<title> ׳”׳׳§׳“׳׳™׳” ׳׳׳©׳•׳ ׳”׳¢׳‘׳¨׳™׳× ג€“ ׳“׳£ ׳”׳‘׳™׳×</title>

Does anyone knows how to get the hebrew content correctly?

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That page is transmitted as UTF-8, so you should be interpreting it as UTF-8, not as Windows-1255. Do this by setting WebClient.Encoding to System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.

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Same result when I use: webClient.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.ContentType, "utf-8"); –  Idan P Sep 5 '13 at 15:47

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