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When you create a procedure (or a function) in Oracle PL/SQL, you cannot specify the maximum length of the varchar2 arguments, only the datatype. For example

create or replace procedure testproc(arg1 in varchar2) is

Do you know the maximum length of a string that you can pass as the arg1 argument to this procedure in Oracle ?

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In PL/SQL procedure it may be up to 32KB

Futher information here: http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/oracle-guide/learn-oracle-sql-and-plsql-datatypes-strings-10804

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I tried with testproc( lpad( ' ', 32767, ' ' ) ) and it works.

With 32768 bytes it fails, so it's 32K - 1 bytes

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In PL/SQL the maximum size of VARCHAR2 datatype is 32767 bytes since 10gR2 (and probably earlier but I just checked the documentation upto that release).

The documentation references:

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