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I have jbehave integrated with Selenium. I am running my tests through command line as below C:\eclipse_workspace\MySeleniumTests>mvn clean test -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin="C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox\firefox.exe"

I have used jbehave-maven-plugin. Maven picks up all the Embedder impl (JunitStories in my case) from the source directory and execute them one by one. Configuration for that is <include>**/*Stories.java</include> in pom.xml

It then looks for relevant .story files in the specified dir and executes them. Say, I have two story files one.story and two.story, both of them are executed.

Over a time, number of story files are going to increase I only want to execute specific story files should there be a way to do this? I am thinking to pass specific story file names as run time parameters but don’t know what is required to make that happen.

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I got it working with the below code

mvn clean test -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin="C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox\firefox.exe" -Dstory=myStory.story

Override storyPaths() method in embedder class as below.

public class MyTestStories extends JUnitStories /* InjectableEmbedder */{

    protected List<String> storyPaths() {
        List<String> storiesToRun = new ArrayList<String>();
        String storyProperty = System.getProperty("story");

        if (storyProperty == null || storyProperty.isEmpty()) {
           throw new RuntimeException("Please specify which stories to run");

        String[] storyNames = storyProperty.split(",");
        StoryFinder sf = new StoryFinder();
        URL baseUrl = CodeLocations.codeLocationFromClass(this.getClass());

        for (String storyName : storyNames) {
           storiesToRun.addAll(sf.findPaths(baseUrl, storyName, ""));

        return storiesToRun;
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Try the following:

mvn clean test -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin="C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox\firefox.exe" -Djbehave.story.name=<story filename without extension (wildcards are supported)>

You should also use custom test suite implementation:

public abstract class JBehaveTestSuite extends ThucydidesJUnitStories {

    private static final String STORY_NAME_PATTERN = "**/${jbehave.story.name:*}.story";

    public JBehaveTestSuite() {

    public void run() throws Throwable {

    private String storyNamesFromEnvironmentVariable() {
        return SystemPropertyUtils.resolvePlaceholders(STORY_NAME_PATTERN);
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This could work in Thucydides but I am not using any framework. However I managed to do with someting similar to your approach. –  Kaizar Laxmidhar Sep 23 '13 at 10:12

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