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I execute an .exe within my code. Like:

if( !CreateProcess( NULL,   // No module name (use command line)
    "sub.exe 2",    // Command line
    NULL,           // Process handle not inheritable
    NULL,           // Thread handle not inheritable
    FALSE,          // Set handle inheritance to FALSE
    0,              // No creation flags
    NULL,           // Use parent's environment block
    NULL,           // Use parent's starting directory 
    &si,            // Pointer to STARTUPINFO structure
    &pi )           // Pointer to PROCESS_INFORMATION structure

The sub.exe multiplies simply the given value with 3. So that I should get a 6

How do I get the responded string to work with in my further code?

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Please provide a code fragment that has been compiled and tested at least once. The code you have provided, specifically the parameter sub.exe 2 does not appear to have been tested. –  JackCColeman Sep 5 '13 at 15:53
Create a pipe using CreatePipe() and set them up in the STARTUPINFO structure (si in your case). You can then read from the pipe to get the process output. –  trojanfoe Sep 5 '13 at 16:07
@Jack: It has been tested. Only instead of sub.exe 2 there was a "buffer" variable so I changed it for better readability. –  Caniko Sep 5 '13 at 16:31

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See these Microsoft samples on how to capture the standard output and error via pipes:

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