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I suppose to have this table:

id int,
name Varchar(25),
v1 int

If i use a post method in php, what is the difference between $_POST['v1'] and $_POST[v1] if v1 is a numeric field?

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The second option generates an E_NOTICE error. Don't use it. (See documentation.) –  DCoder Sep 5 '13 at 15:50

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'v1' is a string, and is a valid array key which hopefully points to a form element like <input ... name="v1" />.

v1 on the other hand is likely nothing at all, and will throw an E_NOTICE, and also cause your code to do nothing. However, it is possible to give v1 a value using define(), but judging by your question, would be largely useless. More likely, you are looking to use $_POST['v1'].

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$_POST returns text strings. So if you are trying to save a post value as a number then you must convert that string to a number; you can use intval

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