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I'm trying to open a pdf file from R. For this I'm using the opedPDF() function from the Biobase package. It works well if the path to file does not contain spaces between words (e.g. "/Users/Admin/Desktop/test.pdf") but it does not work if the path contains spaces (e.g. /Users/Admin/Desktop/My Project/test.pdf). How can I make it accept any path or how should I automatically transform a given path such that is recognised by openPDF()? I would also like it to work on both mac and windows. Here is the code:

openPDF(paste(getwd(), "/test.pdf", sep=""))
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It's a bug in openPDF. You can work around it by calling normalizePath.


For the record, openPDF is just a wrapper to shell.exec under Windows so you can just call that instead.

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I tried it and it still doesn't work openPDF(normalizePath(c(getwd(), "test.pdf"))) – aymer Sep 5 '13 at 16:47
Try: openPDF(normalizePath(file.path(getwd(), "test.pdf"))) or just openPDF(normalizePath("test.pdf")) as was suggested. – Tyler Rinker Sep 5 '13 at 17:18
still not working. I didn't mention that I'm using a mac. – aymer Sep 6 '13 at 9:31
I've no Mac to test this, so you'll have to try a few things for me. Does shortPathName exist on the Mac? If so, try openPDF(shortPathName("test.pdf")). Also try openPDF(shQuote("test.pdf")). – Richie Cotton Sep 6 '13 at 14:00

No need for external packages. This will work with the base R function system()

For a Mac / Unix:

path = '/path/to/file.pdf'
system(paste0('open "', path, '"'))

For a PC:

path = '\path\to\file.pdf'
system(paste0('start "', path, '"'))

Or if you want the path fixed, you can just incorporate it right into the paste0 string and do it in one line:

system('open "/path/to/file.pdf"')
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