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I'm trying to create a pre-commit hook in Git that will check for any debugging code and prompt the user to fix it. I have a regex that I'm grepping for (ignore the fact that it won't exclude occurrences in multiline comments!):

grep -IiRn --exclude-dir={node_modules,vendor,public,lib,contrib} --include=\*.{module,inc,install,php,js} -P '^\s*(?!\/\/)\s*(dpm\(|dsm\(|console.log\()' /path/to/code/

This works fine when I run it normally in the console, but when I try it in an executable .sh script it does nothing. None of the following has worked for me:


grep ...

MYVAR =`grep ...` # Note the backticks!
echo $MYVAR

MYVAR =$(grep ...)
echo $MYVAR

MYVAR ="`grep ...`"
echo $MYVAR

I tried doing it with Python and os.system() but that did nothing either. It seems to just have no STDOUT. There's possibly something obvious I'm missing but I'm at a loose end.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


This is the exact script, even though it's at the earliest possible stage due to not being able to actually do the first bit. I've hidden the exact folder names because it's probably best to not share my company's code base on SO ;)


echo "Test!"

ONE=`grep -IiRn --exclude-dir={node_modules,vendor,public,lib,contrib} --include=\*.{module,inc,install,php,js} -P '^\s*(?!\/\/)\s*(dpm\(|dsm\(|console.log\()' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/`

TWO=$(grep -IiRn --exclude-dir={node_modules,vendor,public,lib,contrib} --include=\*.{coffee} -P '^\s*(?!\#)\s*(dpm\(|dsm\(|console.log)' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/)

echo $ONE
echo "$TWO"

... and running bash -x pre-commit returns:

ubuntu@ip-12-34-56-78:/company/projects/company/scripts$ bash -x pre-commit
+ echo 'Test!'
++ grep -IiRn --exclude-dir=node_modules --exclude-dir=vendor --exclude-dir=public --exclude-dir=lib --exclude-dir=contrib '--include=*.module' '--include=*.inc' '--include=*.install' '--include=*.php' '--include=*.js' -P '^\s*(?!\/\/)\s*(dpm\(|dsm\(|console.log\()' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/
+ ONE='/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/some_module/  dsm('\''test'\'');
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/goals_app/goals_app.module:170:  console.log(e.stack);
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/company_usage_reports/js/script.js:300:          console.log('\''fetch success'\'');
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_change_workgroup.js:19:    console.log('\''wtf?'\'');
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder_table.js:33:                  console.log(resp);
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder_table.js:39:              console.log(ui.placeholder);
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_goal_form.js:4:      console.log($( ".required" ));
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder.js:40:                  console.log(resp);
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/company_goals/js/views/goal-list.js:87:          console.log(data);'
++ grep -IiRn --exclude-dir=node_modules --exclude-dir=vendor --exclude-dir=public --exclude-dir=lib --exclude-dir=contrib '--include=*.{coffee}' -P '^\s*(?!\#)\s*(dpm\(|dsm\(|console.log)' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/
+ TWO=
+ echo /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/some_module/ 'dsm('\''test'\'');' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/goals_app/goals_app.module:170: 'console.log(e.stack);' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/company_usage_reports/js/script.js:300: 'console.log('\''fetch' 'success'\'');' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_change_workgroup.js:19: 'console.log('\''wtf?'\'');' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder_table.js:33: 'console.log(resp);' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder_table.js:39: 'console.log(ui.placeholder);' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_goal_form.js:4: 'console.log($(' '".required"' '));' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder.js:40: 'console.log(resp);' /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/company_goals/js/views/goal-list.js:87: 'console.log(data);'
/company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/some_module/ dsm('test'); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/goals_app/goals_app.module:170: console.log(e.stack); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/company_usage_reports/js/script.js:300: console.log('fetch success'); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_change_workgroup.js:19: console.log('wtf?'); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder_table.js:33: console.log(resp); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder_table.js:39: console.log(ui.placeholder); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_goal_form.js:4: console.log($( ".required" )); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/another_module/js/another_module_reorder.js:40: console.log(resp); /company/projects/company/www/sites/all/modules/custom/company_goals/js/views/goal-list.js:87: console.log(data);
+ echo ''

... but running it without the -x flag STILL doesn't work.

Edit two:

In case anyone is wondering, my env is as follows...

ubuntu@ip-12-34-56-78:~$ uname -a
Linux ip-12-34-56-78 3.2.0-31-virtual #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 7 16:36:36 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
ubuntu@ip-12-34-56-78:~$ whereis sh && whereis bash
sh: /bin/sh /bin/sh.distrib /usr/share/man/man1/sh.1.gz
bash: /bin/bash /etc/bash.bashrc /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1.gz
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You can't have spaces before or after the equal sign = in the variable assignment. Try MYVAR=$( .... ) with no spaces. Also it would be better to quote the variable in the echo command, as in echo "$MYVAR", otherwise possible newlines will be converted to spaces – user000001 Sep 5 '13 at 16:21
Thanks for the response- neither of those things made a difference though. – Matt Fletcher Sep 5 '13 at 16:26
post your actual script – KevinDTimm Sep 5 '13 at 16:33
Sorry for the dumb question just to get it out of the way, but I assume you're script is in the same folder and you're running it from the same folder as when you ran the grep manually (just to make sure apples to apples comparison)? – lurker Sep 5 '13 at 16:36
I updated my answer to include this, but you should know that /bin/sh on Ubuntu points to dash, a much more restrictive shell than bash. – ThisSuitIsBlackNot Sep 5 '13 at 19:45

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I can't say for sure until you post the actual script you're running, but in your current code snippet have


Depending on your OS, this may be a link to /bin/bash, for example, or it may be the actual Bourne shell, which does not support brace expansion (e.g. {a, b, c}). Even if /bin/sh does point to /bin/bash on your machine, you should only use portable constructs if your shebang is #!/bin/sh (i.e. say what you mean). If you want to use brace expansion in your script, change the shebang to #!/bin/bash.

If you put

set -x

at the top of your script, it will print detailed information that can help with debugging. You can also do this by invoking the shell directly instead of modifying your script, for example

sh -x /path/to/script


bash -x /path/to/script

EDIT: On Ubuntu, /bin/sh is dash, the Debian Almquist shell. Like the Bourne shell, dash is fairly restrictive, and does not support brace expansion. See this page for a discussion of portability issues and dash.

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Hi, thanks. Well, there isn't actually anything more to add. The snippet is the code, pretty much. I tried with #!/bin/bash instead and it made no difference. Give me a second and I'll edit my question... – Matt Fletcher Sep 5 '13 at 19:05
@MattFletcher Actually, there is more to add: you replaced much of your script with ellipses. It is very difficult to debug something that you can't see, which might explain why there aren't more answers to your question. In general on SO, you should post complete code (copy-paste the script you actually ran), as well as input, expected output, and actual output. – ThisSuitIsBlackNot Sep 5 '13 at 19:17
I did that only because I thought having the same very long line of code that runs off the edge repeated several times would make it harder to read and distract people from the point in question. I've updated my question now, should hopefully be a bit more verbose :) Cheers – Matt Fletcher Sep 5 '13 at 19:21
+1: As mentioned in a comment to my question, it was indeed that bash was required not sh, if anyone in the future is reading this. Thanks for the help! – Matt Fletcher Sep 5 '13 at 19:36

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