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I’m currently using Three.js version R59 and I ran into and issue that may or not be a bug and is more than likely a simple lack of understanding on my part. I have a spheroid around which I have wrapped a texture. The camera for the scene is a THREE.PerspectiveCamera with a view angle of 45, a NEAR plane of 1 and a FAR plane of 1e5;

Everything renders beautifully. However when I add a line to the scene (in the shape of a square, using:

this.line = new THREE.Line(geometry, new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({ linewidth: 2.0, color: 0x00f800, opacity: 1.0 }), THREE.LinePieces);

I notice an abnormality at extreme zoom out (i.e., z buffer fighting). The line drawing flickers on rotation with parts appearing and dis-appearing. If I zoom in a fair amount, the issue goes away and the line drawing remains solid regardless of rotation.

I thought this might be due to a round-off issue when the z depth is calculated, but changing the near and far planes does not resolve the issue, nor does using the renderDepth setting (at either 0 or 1.0).

Does anyone have any ideas? The effect I’m trying to achieve would be similar to disabling depthTest, but with the line being culled when it’s behind the earth upon rotation

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What renderer are you using? Can you update to r.60? Can you provide a simple live example or jsfiddle to demonstrate the issue? –  WestLangley Sep 5 '13 at 17:44
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