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I have an NSFetchResultsController which returns ManagedObjects arranged by sections. The sections are the NSString name of the Category objects which my Feed objects share in common:

Now, in some situations I want to obtain the Category itself from the section:

  NSString *sortKey = @"category.name";
  NSFetchRequest *fetchRequest = [NSFetchRequest fetchRequestWithEntityName:@"Feed"];
  NSSortDescriptor *sortDescriptorCategory = [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:sortKey ascending:asc];

At this moment, I do this:

    Category *cat = ((Feed *)[[[self.fetchedResultsController sections][section] objects] objectAtIndex:0]).category;

Which is IMHO quite ugly. Especially as it forbids me to have empty sections which however might happen if I create new sections into which I want to move existing Feeds to.

So my question is : how do I access the Category object which defines the sections in my Feed list?

Also, how could I efficiently gather a list of all the sections in an NSSet?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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For efficient gathering of all the sections in an NSSet, you could consider using KVC Collection Operators: nshipster.com/kvc-collection-operators –  Audun Kjelstrup Sep 5 '13 at 19:14

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Your method to retrieve the section object is OK, you should just include sanity checks.

NSArray *feeds = [self.fetchedResultsController.sections[section] objects];
Feed *aFeed = [feeds anyObject];
return aFeed ? aFeed.category : nil;

A list of all sections as a NSSet:

[NSSet setWithArray:self.fetchedResultsController.sections];

If you want to use the category entity extensively in your section headers, maybe it is better to change your setup: fetch the Categories rather than the feeds, and change the table view datasource methods to reflect this setup, e.g.

// number of rows for section
Category *category = self.fetchedResultsController.fetchedObjects[section];
return category.feeds.count;

You will need to introduce a sorting criterion to change the feeds set into an array for the rows of a section.

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