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I have a file "exceptions.rkt"

#lang racket
(module exceptions racket
  (provide Macro/Raise Macro/Assert Macro/Assert* Macro/Domain-Assert)

; ... Definitions for provided symbols...

) ; End of module, end of file

Macro/Raise etc are not actually macros defined with define-syntax, they're just unary functions generated with syntax-rules and assigned a name

(define Macro/Raise
  (syntax-rules ()
; ... body not important ...

and in the same folder as "exceptions.rkt", I have a file "tables.rkt".

#lang racket
(module tables racket
    (require "exceptions.rkt")
    (define-syntax Assert Macro/Assert)

; ... more stuff...

) ; End of module, end of file

but this results in Macro/Assert: undefined; cannot reference an identifier before its definition in module: 'tables phase: 1

I've tried reading the doc and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... So what am I doing wrong?

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Also you don't need the (module exceptions racket ...) wrapper over the code since #lang racket already generates a module.

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In order for definitions to be usable during the macro definition phase, use for-syntax:

(require (for-syntax "exceptions.rkt"))
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and see for more information – Ryan Culpepper Sep 5 '13 at 19:52

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