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I'm having trouble with calculating a logarithm and using the answer as a variable. Can anyone help?

Here's an example - the simple 4*4 calculation appears when the first button is clicked, but nothing happens when the math.log(100) function's button is clicked...

<script language="JavaScript">

function Multiply(form)
var m = 4*4;
form.MultiOut.value = m;

function Log(form)
var l = math.log(100);
form.LogOut.value = l;

A normal calculation - 4*4:
<INPUT NAME="MultiOut" SIZE=15>
A log function calculation:
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there is no math object in javascript, but there is one Math –  Ejay Apr 29 at 9:33

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Because math.log(100) should be Math.log(100). (Capital "M")

Open your browser's developer console to see the error message.

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