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I have installed installed python to


in Ubuntu 13.04

I installed successfully the matplotlib (it works in ipython3 notebook in inline mode) but without any backend for GUI Style output.

I had problems finding any backend which is compatible with python3.3. My problem is when I build matplotlib from source:

python3 setup.py build

with the ubuntu python3 version it finds all dependencies for TkAgg and shows that in the output! I installed also tk-dev and other related packages in ubuntu

But when I try to use my python3.3 like

/opt/python3.3/bin/python3 setup.py build

it does not find any dependencies at all???? Why is this? I did not want to install another python into the system /usr/local/... I wanted a clean install folder of python with all necessary packages I need But I cant install matplotlib.

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It does not find the dependencies in it's search path. You need to either tell it to look in /usr/local or install all of the dependencies in /opt – tcaswell Sep 5 '13 at 19:30
also, easy_install is being replaced by pip – tcaswell Sep 5 '13 at 19:31

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