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I have a bunch of modules in say:


which is not located in the directory I want to input a file.

at the moment I go to directory which contains file and I run:

from module1 import calc
import os

cwd = os.getcwd()

I would like to reduce this to the simplest as possible, i.e. import the module calc from anywhere and run calc(cwd) without having to input the cwd every time. Is there a way to tell calc that you aren't in the module directory but somewhere else? If I just run calc() it thinks the file is inside modules/ when it isn't.

The goal is to just cd into a directory and run calc in that directory on a text file which always has the same name (a file containing diagnostic information).

I have added the module1 folder to python path and init.py so I can already import all my modules from anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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You could add code like this to your module1:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import os

Since you can import the module from anywhere, if you now do

python -m module1

then the __main__ code will run in that directory.

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