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I am currently creating a responsive website. I noticed there is an issue with empty space on the right as you scrolling horizontally. I can remove the horizontal scroll by adding overflow-x: hidden. But it will not work on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

So, I tried to add min-width because it will help to get rid of empty space. But I can't put min-width on full.css (e.g. min-width:1000px;) because it will set to full-width - see example below:


#wrapper {
    width: 1000px;
    margin: 0 auto;

responsive.css (less than 1000px)

#wrapper {
    width: 100%;
    margin: 0;

I was wondering if you know how to fix this issue? Let me know if you have a better option for it. Or should I create a new wrapper id?

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Referring to your issue, the code appears to be correct. However, some elements inside might also affect the exact width and overflow your boundary. Might check all inside elements as well. You can use Firebug or Chrome Inspect Element.

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Every now and then I have this problem, and a big part of solving the problem is identifying the element that's the culprit. I just came up with this little jQuery script you can run in your browser's JavaScript console to find which elements are wider than the body width, causing that annoying scrollbar to appear.

$.each( $('*'), function() { 
    if( $(this).width() > $('body').width()) {
        console.log("Wide Element: ", $(this), "Width: ", $(this).width()); 

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You Can hide the horizontal overflow using css code (and then the horizontal scroll bar will never show up again):

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It works well at my site. Eventually this helps saves me a lot of time. – Tung May 12 at 21:19

Link to the page? Chances are there is some kind of element inside the wrapper that is breaking past the browser window.

Often times it is with padding and widths. Keep in mind if you have an element inside the wrapper that is set to say 100% width and you add padding on the left and right of 20px. It will create a horizontal scrollbar because the element is 100% + 40 px.

So if you are building liquid elements inside a div you would do it like this:

#liquidelement {
   padding:0 2%;

You need to subtract the padding from the widths, also always use percentages for the padding when doing layouts because it's fluid, not fixed.

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