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Is it possible to overload a subroutine and function using the interface blocks? So one can call a procedure via a function or subroutine. For example:

interface TestRoutine
      module procedure TestRoutine_fun
      module procedure TestRoutine_sub
end interface TestRoutine


function TestRoutine_fun(....) result(...)
end function TestRoutine_fun

subroutine TestRoutine_sub(...)
end subroutine TestRoutine_sub

When I tried to compile code similar to this I got the error: Error: In generic interface 'TestRoutine' at (1) procedures must be either all SUBROUTINES or all FUNCTIONs. Thanks in advance!

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No, not in the standard language. The error message explains the situation correctly.

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You cannot overload a function with a subroutine. What you can do, though, is write a wrapper routine that calls the function (or the other way round). This way, you would at least save some code.

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