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I have a Azure Service Bus client that uses netTCPRelayBinding with SharedSecret. I need to setup the HTTP proxy with a host name whitelist to allow outgoing HTTP request only for my Service Bus service. The problem is client cannot establish the connection unless I whitelist the entire IP range of Azure data center, which I want to avoid.

I took a Wireshark trace that indicated the following behavior:
1. My client sends HTTP POST to .servicebus.windows.net
2. My client receives an URL, e.g. http://$servicebus/.....
3. My client sends HTTP GET to http://$servicebus/.....
4. My client exchanges message with -sb.accesscontrol.windows.net
5. connection established with http://

And according to Microsoft "" is dynamically chosen, therefore could be any IP address belonging to Azure data center. Isn't better to use "213-199-183-6.servicebus.windows.net" instead so that HTTP proxy server can whitelist "*.servicebus.windows.net"?

Is there anyone facing the same issue?

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