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I have a PHP application running on AppFog. I'm having trouble debugging some issues I am having with my server-side code. I've been attempting to use print statements and then run af logs <myAppName> but the logs do not contain the print statements.

When I do run af logs, I do see 3 separate log files:

  1. logs/access.log
  2. logs/error.log
  3. logs/stderr.log

I've tried debugging using print, printf, and error_log but to no avail. Is there something specific I need to do for my logs to appear in af logs?

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You may need to change your error reporting level. By default, php's errors will go to the err.log logs when using error_log();, but many applications disable error_reporting() to hide unruly code, so before your breakpoint, set error_reporting(E_ALL);

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