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  • I have a article named Martial Arts and Sprituality in the frontend

  • If i click on the article link (i.e Article Title, readmore link) , i simply go the article page(url -localhost/gantry/index.php/martial-arts-and-spirituality ).

  • But with some articles, i want that if i click on the article link i should be redirected to some external url say http://www.totalityofbeing.com/FramelessPages/Articles/SpiritualRealm.htm.

  • I did some research on this and found out that certain changes have to made in htaccess file.

question 1

  • There are two htaccess.txt files, one the www folder of wamp server folder (Path - D:\wamp\www\htaccess.txt) and the other one in the joomla folder (path - D:\wamp\www\joomla\htaccess.txt)

Which of the following two files are the changes to be made???

Question 2

  • i tried to do some changes in the htaccess file of my joomla folder . Like redirect 301 /localhost/gantry/index.php/martial-arts-and-spirituality http://www.targerurl.com

  • After making these changes and enabling mod_rewrite in global configuration and changing the name of the file from htaccess.txt to .htaccess, i always get an error: 500!

any suggestions (code snippet will be really helpful)!! Thanks in Advance!!

ps : i am new to joomla and this is the first time i am asking a question on stackoverflow so please be easy on me!!

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