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I wish to make a batch file that in one section selects from a label either ":A", ":B", or :C", then goto that label. I have no idea how to make it select a random label, let alone from that list


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set /a num=%random% %% 3
if %num%==0 goto A
if %num%==1 goto B
if %num%==2 goto C
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Clever way of doing that, didn't think of that, thanks! –  Y I Sep 5 '13 at 23:17

Or use the random number as part of the label

set /a num=%random% %% 3
goto :label%num%

echo Label0
exit /b 

echo Label1
exit /b 

echo Label2
exit /b 
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@echo off &setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set "alfa=ABC"
SET /A rd=%RANDOM% %%3
set "char=!alfa:~%rd%,1!"
echo Random jump to %char%
goto :%char%
echo line not printed
echo label A
goto :eof
echo label B
goto :eof
echo label C
goto :eof
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