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I have found some strange behaviour in Matlab's fileattrib function on Windows. With certain file names it wrongly identifies the file as a hidden, system folder.

To test it, download this file (the file is empty; it's only the file name that matters):

Put the file on an empty folder (I'm using "c:\temp") and try this:


If your Matlab is like mine, it will give you this wrong result:

ans = 
            Name: 'c:\temp\?aaa.txt'
         archive: 1
          system: 1
          hidden: 1
       directory: 1

Now rename the file name removing the first character and try again. It will correctly say

ans = 
            Name: 'c:\temp\aaa.txt'
         archive: 1
          system: 0
          hidden: 0
       directory: 0

I have seen this behaviour in Matlab R2010b and R2007a, on Windows Vista and 7.

The problem clearly has to do with certain "offending" characters (or character sets/encodings?), but I've no idea. Can someone figure out why this happens? And how to work around it?


This seems to have been corrected in R2015a (maybe earlier): it correctly returns

        Name: 'C:\Users\Luis\Desktop\tmp\�aaa.txt'
     archive: 1
      system: 0
      hidden: 0
   directory: 0
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It may be an encoding issue. On my system the ?, shows up as �. For what it's worth, in R2013 and OS X 10.4, the "hidden" attribute is NaN (I think that fileattrib may not bother on UNIX systems as it doesn't even recognize file prefixed with '.' as hidden - or it's using the visibility attribute in OS X - or it's another bug). – horchler Sep 5 '13 at 23:25
@horchler Thanks for the added info. Strange behaviour indeed. On Windows the first character is a white question sign inside a black rhombus – Luis Mendo Sep 5 '13 at 23:26
However, if I copy and paste the ? character into the file name, Matlab -on OS X at least- shows it fine (hidden attribute is still NaN though). Maybe your file upload/download changed the characters. – horchler Sep 5 '13 at 23:29
Yes, this happens to me only with files I've downloaded. Still, I can understand that the character shows wrongly, but that fileattrib is fooled into thinking the file is hidden folder...? – Luis Mendo Sep 5 '13 at 23:31
Interestingly, the link to MAtlab's doc in that answer says "MATLAB might not properly handle character codes greater than 2 bytes" – Luis Mendo Sep 5 '13 at 23:40

One way to deal with this is not to depend (solely) on the fileattrib command.

In order to determine whether something is a file or directory, you can check how it registers when using the dir command on the containing folder.

Its a bit of a hassle, but when using dir called on the folder (won't work when called on the file directly) you seem to get the correct output.

A quick and dirty alternative would of course be to put your entire handling in a try / catch construction and if one fails simply try the other.

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Thanks for your time. Actually, I started using with dir, and it works fine, but it is much slower than fileattrib (and I have tens of thousands of files). The try/catch approach is a good idea, thanks. Although trying to copy the file-seen-as-a-folder won't actually throw an exception, the dos command I use does return a result and a status, from which I can infer if something went wrong and in that case try the other option. – Luis Mendo Sep 27 '13 at 9:59

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