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I have a Windows Service called 'Retrieve and Process Security Logs'

This service does the following:

  1. Retrieves data from web apis (using HttpWebRequest)
  2. Saves an ID from retrieved data to a text file. 3 files in total are saved (one for each web api)
  3. Sends data to a tcp service (not important - as long as the service has net access which it would do for point 1)


The Windows Service saves data in to a text file, is it possible for this text file to be in a location where all users of the installed machine can access it?

I have a Console app which is just a replica of the Service and when it runs I can go into the folder and see the text files. However when I run the Service I do not see the text files - but the service code did run (verified by point 3).

Thanks, Andrew

Edit: I should also mention that the project uses Enterprise Logging and I do not see the generated log file either. It is as if the files are being created in a magical place.

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