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I have an Excel spreadsheet with 300 entries.

There's a 100 mix of cells that contain the following word - Bandwidth.

Some cells says the following:

Bandwidth 1
Bandwidth Check
Bandwidth Field
Bandwidth Out
Bandwidth In
etc (with random numbers)

Here's what I want to do:

If the cell contains "Bandwidth" (like the above samples) then I want to replace whatever is in there with just the word "Bandwidth."

So the columns will say:

Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth etc...

A Find and Replace of "Bandwidth" just changes that word and keeps the other text. I want to find where it appears and replace the entire cell with "Bandwidth."

Can this be done with Excel or Notepad++?

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Try this small macro:

Sub CleanUp()
    Dim r As Range
    Dim s As String, v As String
    s = "Bandwidth"
    For Each r In ActiveSheet.UsedRange
        v = r.Text
        If InStr(1, v, s) > 0 Then
            r.Value = s
        End If
    Next r
End Sub
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This worked great in excel! It removed both the text before and after perfectly... thanks. –  user2752620 Sep 6 '13 at 1:34

In Notepad++ Replace Bandwidth.+ with Bandwidth (Regular expression) should suit. Can be done within Excel but requires an Add-In.

For Find what: use .+[Bandwidth].+ for stripping out text before as well as after.

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That worked great for "Bandwidth & _____" but, is there another way to make it so that it removes text before it as well? do I try Bandwidth.- ? Thanks! –  user2752620 Sep 6 '13 at 1:24
The . represents any single character and + any quantity thereof. so .+ is similar to the Excel * wildcard. –  pnuts Sep 6 '13 at 1:48
Awesome thanks for the clarification! –  user2752620 Sep 7 '13 at 15:06

Use the following:

Find: .*?(Bandwidth).*?
Replace: $1

Make sure that regex is checked.

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This works great in removing the text before "Bandwidth" but what about after as well? thanks! –  user2752620 Sep 7 '13 at 15:11
@user2752620: The text after will be removed as well. –  Toto Sep 8 '13 at 8:34

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