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I have a database which returns the rows as lists in following format:

data = ['(1000,"test value",0,0.00,0,0)', '(1001,"Another test value",0,0.00,0,0)']

After that, I use json_str = json.dumps(data) to get a JSON string. After applying json.dumps(), I get the following output:

json_str = ["(1000,\"test value\",0,0.00,0,0)", "(1001,\"Another test value\",0,0.00,0,0)"]

However, I need the JSON string in the following format:

json_str = [(1000,\"test value\",0,0.00,0,0), (1001,\"Another test value\",0,0.00,0,0)]

So basically, I want to remove the surrounding double quotes. I tried to accomplish this with json_str = json_str.strip('"') but this doesn't work. Then, I tried json_str = json_str.replace('"', '') but this also removes the escaped quotes.

Does anybody know a way to accomplish this or is there a function in Python similiar to json.dumps() which produces the same result, but without the surrounding double quotes?

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You are dumping list of strings so json.dumps does exactly what you are asking for. Rather ugly solution for your problem could be something like below.

def split_and_convert(s):
    bits = s[1:-1].split(',')
    return (
        int(bits[0]), bits[1], float(bits[2]),
        float(bits[3]), float(bits[4]), float(bits[5])

data_to_dump = [split_and_convert(s) for s in data]
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