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As a product manager assigned to work with a development team to rewrite an applications legacy web services, how would you document the needs easily for the development team? It's important to note that data elements will come from a number of different data stores. For example, some need to come straight from an external store in real time and others can come directly from one of our databases.

If you were a developer and began doing an inventory of the existing web services, what requirements would you expect to see from the product manager on the project?

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The simple answer is to focus on What and not How.

to work with a development team to rewrite an applications legacy web services...

I'm assuming from the above that your team is already aware of the approach and most likely understand the technical implementation. Your contribution as a product owner/manager is to simplify the Business Requirement and let the team worry about the implementation. Focus on writing simple user stories and provide your acceptance criteria. If you have multiple entry points for the data, using Gojko Adzic's Specification By Example is a good way to document your requirement. The idea is to provide examples of each scenario, preferably on a tabular format.

I've recently worked on a project that moved away from the legacy code to service based product, just like you. None of our user stories were allowed to suggest technical implementation and we asked the PO to stick with simple user stories that focussed on Business value.

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