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Hi I made some changes in a windows service coding side(some class files related to that),,means i did coding to fetch version value from registry in that class files,,,,After

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Your OnStart method is most probably hanging. Did you recently add any of that threading/timer code.

Is your tracer logging any information? Can you write some debug code to log where you are getting to and what exceptions are being thrown?

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no i didnt added any coding –  peter Dec 8 '09 at 7:11
i added trace file information –  peter Dec 8 '09 at 7:25

So it looks like OnStart is throwing an exception (in SpoER.Init()?, and it has permissions problem as well), this is causing the service to try and stop straight away.

I would suggest following the exception information you have given to try and locate the problem. It would be even better to move the bulk of this code into a separate class so you can write a console app which shares the same code as the service. By using the console app you can easily debug it.

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Now i got the mistake,,What actually i was doing is i am copying DLL created in the debug mode and copying into the Installer path..Actually what i need is i have to copy DLL obtained from the release mode and copy into the installer side

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