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I am using dart-message It has function ...

MessageBox(String text, String header, String css){
    _box = new DivElement();

    if (header != null)
      html.write("<div class='dhtmlx_popup_title'>$header</div>");
    html.write("<div class='dhtmlx_popup_text'><span>$text</span></div>");
    html.write("<div class='dhtmlx_popup_controls'>");

String addButton(String text, String result){
    if (html != null){
      html.write("<div class='dhtmlx_popup_button' result='$result' ><div>$text</div></div>");
    } else
      throw new Exception(".addButton must be used before .show"); 

 _clickHandler(Event event){
    String result =["result"];
    if (result == null)
      result =["result"];
    hide(result); //<=== ERROR result alway return null


Future<String> show(){
    if (html != null){
      //finalize html initialization
      _box.innerHtml = html.toString();  //<===== ERROR after line : Removing disallowed attribute <DIV result="ok">
      html = null;


How to change this code to SDK 0.7.1. Thanks you very much.

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1 Answer 1

I changed code

_box.innerHtml = html.toString();


_box.setInnerHtml(html.toString(), treeSanitizer : new NullTreeSanitizer());

and it work.

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