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In my site i would like to add a archive page or a custom page where i want to show posts from a particular category and that with a date wise format

like for example: i am in category : Technology All post of a day will be shown at this page like i have written 3 posts only on that day.

The next page from navigation would be the previous date page .. which will show all posts from the previous day like 6 posts and so on

Example Page where I have seen this Functionality is :

i want to show them in Title, little excerpt format ..

i think its possible with a custom page format ..

Hopefully i can get a quick response .. thnx

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you can probably either use your archive.php file or make a custom template file then use query_posts. See:

I would look at Example 2 under "Passing variables to query_posts" Something like this should work.


$current_day = date('d');
$current_month = date('m');
$current_year = date('Y');

<!-- put your loop here -->
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Did that work for you? – BandonRandon Dec 10 '09 at 10:22

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