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Hi everyone i'm trying to make a script that can encode & decode FSK Frequency-shift keying

the problem i'm have so far is PHP Warning: pack(): Type h: illegal hex digit - line 37

here is my code

$RATE = 44100;
$maxVol = pow(2,15)-1.0;
$data = "";

for ($x=0; $x<=$RATE*3; $x++){

    $vv = $maxVol*sin(2*pi()*$x*500/$RATE); #500Hz
    $data+=pack('h',$vv);  #this is line 37


echo $data;

pack in php seems like it does not support negative number & floats can someone please help me figure this out

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What's the value of $vv when you get the warning? –  Robbert Sep 6 '13 at 3:36
the value of $vv is -1.6694871264829E-8 –  Tavares Clinch Sep 6 '13 at 4:34

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The h format code specifies input as a hex string. It's hard to tell this from the error, but the - between the words digit and line is literally the character that is causing the error (i.e. it's not a separator in the message).

PHP Warning: pack(): Type h: illegal hex digit - line 37

In other words, your input is interpreted as a string containing the - character, which is not a legal hex digit (0123456789abcdef).

It's hard to give any specific advice on solving your problem without more information. At the very least, you need to review PHP's implementation of pack.

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