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I made a small gui program using java swing. In rdz eclipse editor when we right click on the editor we can see the custom menues. I am trying to create a new custom menu to assign the gui program in RDz eclipse . Could any one tell if its possible and how.


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basially i made a standalone gui program. In eclipse java editor when we right click, we get a list of menue. i want to add a new menue in that list and in selection of that newly added menue my gui program should invoke. –  user2054151 Sep 6 '13 at 8:59

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Without more context, it's hard to be specific. As concrete examples,

  • ImageApp is a simple example in which a menu bar and popup context menu share instances of Action.

  • JHotDraw, cited here, is a more complex example that generates suitable actions dynamically.

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