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I need to change the columns currently not nullable to nullable using grails migration plugin. The dbm-gorm-diff command is throwing exception so what changeSet should I write to the changelog.

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class Student
String Name
String LName
String MName

static constraints={



// by default if you dont specify nullable const it will always be nullable but assume we are going to generate migration scrip for this

//inside your script let say change Mname to nullable

databaseChangeLog = {

    changeSet(author: "developerName (generated)", id: "1369639981631-1") {
dropNotNullConstraint(columnDataType: "varchar(255)", columnName: "Mname", tableName: "student") 
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I could just use the modifyDataType changeSet to achieve the desired result but in case if there is any other specific method for the same that is much welcome

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