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I am having one table menu with field id and name 1 suriya 2 kamal 3 ram

I want to retrive these value inside foreach loop in below order 1) kamal 2) suriya 3) ram

I am beginner in cake php.

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Pretty vague question, but this should get you started. Put this code in your menu's controller.

$menus = $this->Menu->find('all');
foreach ($menus as $menu) {
    echo $menu['Menu']['name'];

Regarding the order, if you're not ordering alphabetically, then you'll need to add a new column to your table, such as sort_order, and order that when you call $this->Menu->find('all')

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create a model named Menu.php in app/models folder -

class Menu extends AppModel {
      public $primaryKey = 'id';
      public $useTable = 'menu';

And create a controller named MenuController.php in app/controller folder -

class MenuController extends AppController {
      public $use = false;

      public function index () {

          $this->loadModel ('Menu');
          $data = $this->Menu->find ('all', array ('order' => 'name ASC'));

          foreach ($data as $value) {
                echo $value['Menu']['name'] . "<br/>";

Then try it, could work. :)

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I achieve it by the following way.$menu= $this->requestAction('Menus/index'); $requiredMenu = array(0,4,3,5,6); foreach($requiredMenu as $index){ echo $this->Html->link($menu[$index]['Menu']['name'],array('controller' => $menu[$index]['Menu']['controller'], 'action' => $menu[$index]['Menu']['action'], 'admin' => false, 'plugin' => false),array('class'=>'menuForFooter')); echo "<br>"; } –  user186730 Sep 11 '13 at 0:01

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