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I'm using the jQuery datepicker from jqueryui.com and I have a problem changing the calendar to Swedish, I have this code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
        $('#StartDate').datepicker('option', 'dateFormat', 'yy-mm-dd');

Still it shows as an English calendar.

What might be missing?

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Maybe you don't have a language file:

A new localization should be created in a separate JavaScript file named ui.datepicker-.js. Within a document.ready event it should add a new entry into the $.datepicker.regional array, indexed by the language code, with the following attributes:


Edit: Also i believe language file should be called sw, not sv

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Oh yes, you are correct, it's SV. My appologies. –  Deniss Kozlovs Dec 8 '09 at 7:38
sw is for swahili.. almost same language :) –  Antti Mar 24 at 14:44

You need the following line:

<script src="../jquery/development-bundle/ui/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-sv.js"></script>

Adjust the path depending on where you put the jquery-files.

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You need to do something like this,

 $.datepicker.regional['fr'] = {clearText: 'Effacer', clearStatus: '',
    closeText: 'Fermer', closeStatus: 'Fermer sans modifier',
    prevText: '<Préc', prevStatus: 'Voir le mois précédent',
    nextText: 'Suiv>', nextStatus: 'Voir le mois suivant',
    currentText: 'Courant', currentStatus: 'Voir le mois courant',
    monthNames: ['Janvier','Février','Mars','Avril','Mai','Juin',
    monthNamesShort: ['Jan','Fév','Mar','Avr','Mai','Jun',
    monthStatus: 'Voir un autre mois', yearStatus: 'Voir un autre année',
    weekHeader: 'Sm', weekStatus: '',
    dayNames: ['Dimanche','Lundi','Mardi','Mercredi','Jeudi','Vendredi','Samedi'],
    dayNamesShort: ['Dim','Lun','Mar','Mer','Jeu','Ven','Sam'],
    dayNamesMin: ['Di','Lu','Ma','Me','Je','Ve','Sa'],
    dayStatus: 'Utiliser DD comme premier jour de la semaine', dateStatus: 'Choisir le DD, MM d',
    dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy', firstDay: 0, 
    initStatus: 'Choisir la date', isRTL: false};

for sv data follow the following link


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This is for the dutch people.

$.datepicker.regional['nl'] = {clearText: 'Effacer', clearStatus: '',
    closeText: 'sluiten', closeStatus: 'Onveranderd sluiten ',
    prevText: '<vorige', prevStatus: 'Zie de vorige maand',
    nextText: 'volgende>', nextStatus: 'Zie de volgende maand',
    currentText: 'Huidige', currentStatus: 'Bekijk de huidige maand',
    monthNames: ['januari','februari','maart','april','mei','juni',
    monthNamesShort: ['jan','feb','mrt','apr','mei','jun',
    monthStatus: 'Bekijk een andere maand', yearStatus: 'Bekijk nog een jaar',
    weekHeader: 'Sm', weekStatus: '',
    dayNames: ['zondag','maandag','dinsdag','woensdag','donderdag','vrijdag','zaterdag'],
    dayNamesShort: ['zo', 'ma','di','wo','do','vr','za'],
    dayNamesMin: ['zo', 'ma','di','wo','do','vr','za'],
    dayStatus: 'Gebruik DD als de eerste dag van de week', dateStatus: 'Kies DD, MM d',
    dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy', firstDay: 1, 
    initStatus: 'Kies een datum', isRTL: false};
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This looks useful:


I downloaded the script jquery-ui-i18n.js and it made the trick ^_^ That archive is not included in the custom download.

Hope it helps.

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404, page not found :/ –  qualbeen Jan 24 at 10:32

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