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I want to create a datatable to show the record in my mysql database. All the data is successfully. However, when I try to use the sorting function of the datatable, nothing changes. Anyone knows what is the reason? Thanks.


<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oSort['string-case-asc']  = function(x,y) {
        return ((x < y) ? -1 : ((x > y) ?  1 : 0));

    jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oSort['string-case-desc'] = function(x,y) {
        return ((x < y) ?  1 : ((x > y) ? -1 : 0));

    $(document).ready(function() {
        /* Build the DataTable with third column using our custom sort functions */
        $('#asset').dataTable( {
            "bJQueryUI": true,
            "bInfo" : false,
            "aaSorting": [ [0,'asc'], [1,'asc'] ],
            "aoColumns": [
                { "sType": 'string-case' },
        } );
    } );

My table:

<c:forEach var="row" items="${result.rows}">
   <td><c:out value="${row.asset_id}"/></td>
   <td><c:out value="${row.name}"/></td>
   <td><c:out value="${row.type}"/></td>

        <c:when test="${row.status=='0'}">Normal</c:when>
        <c:when test="${row.status=='1'}">Prompting for Acknowledgement</c:when>
        <c:when test="${row.status=='2'}">Approved</c:when>
        <c:when test="${row.status=='0'}"><a href="assets.jsp?update=1"> Trade-in </a></c:when>
        <c:when test="${row.status=='1'}"><a href="assets.jsp?update=2"> Cancel </a></c:when>

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