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The graphite-webapp does not encourage ad-hoc graphing. Graphiti et al are just fancy UIs that, while improve UI-UX, do not do much regarding the inherent linear metric search that plagues the graphite-webapp. Correct me if wrong here, but the only option I came across that encourages ad-hoc graphing has been Graph-Explorer. Assuming, that Graph-Explorer is the only way ahead.

I have some 1000 distinct metrics currently. Named in the following fashion-

I understand that these will become-

metric=stats.env=dev.role=ganglia.server=ip-10-0-3-40. application=ink.endpoint=web.src=pi.metric=notification.what=total

Where do I insert unit and target_type tags?

Similarly, I have 500 timers.

  1. How do I go about migrating from 'proto1' to 'proto2'?

  2. Also where exactly does Carbon-Tagger come into the stack?

  3. Do I rename my metrics at the source level?

  4. Do I modify the structured_metrics/plugins/ file as we have fixed hierarchy across our distributed infrastructure?

  5. Anything I am missing?

  6. What will I have to change in my statsd? I quote the carbon-tagger documentation- "aggregators like statsd will need proto2 support."

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the structured metrics plugins will set the tags for proto1 ("old style") metrics, see

if you want to stick to proto1 you just have to create a plugin to tag your metrics see and existing plugins for examples

you can basically ignore carbon-tagger if you want to stick with proto1, so 3 is not needed, but otherwise yes. the statsd plugin just converts statsd's internal metrics to proto2.

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The issue is that i have around 1000 proto-1 metrics, out of which only ~250 are 'recognized' by graph-explorer once i run the script. Perhaps because my metrics vary in depth. Some are 5 levels deep, whereas most are 10-12. – erbdex Sep 9 '13 at 4:02
with "not recognized" do you mean recognized by the catchall plugins? that's not a problem. all your metrics should be matched (by catchall plugins or regular plugins), I just added some code to git that says for every plugin, how many metrics it yielded. – Dieter_be Oct 23 '13 at 18:52

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