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i want to use mtspr instruction for a special purpose register whose number in passed to me in a function.

__MTSPR(unsigned int spr, long long val)

i have to put val in spr.

here is what i tried in vain.

    "mtspr     %[a], %[b] "
    : : [a]"I"(spr), [b]"r"(val)

i get this error :

ppc_gnu.c: In function '__MTSPR': ppc_gnu.c:69:2: warning: asm operand 0 probably doesn't match constraints [enabled by default] ppc_gnu.c:69:2: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'

so how to solve this problem and please no MACROs. i can not modify this function's usage or declaration.

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See here: stackoverflow.com/questions/3236791/…. (That u-boot related answer). And you can use that macro within your function. –  dbrank0 Sep 6 '13 at 7:56
thanks. seems like im stuck with the macro usage –  risaldar Sep 6 '13 at 10:07

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