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I have created a rule for my instant messenger, empathy, to always start on the "im" tag.

{ rule = { class = "Empathy" },
    properties = { tag = tags[1][5] } },

At the end of rc.lua, I auto-start it using:


However, when restarting Aweseome-WM, the window always opens on the first tag.

Other programs work just fine:

    { rule = { class = "Firefox" },
        properties = { tag = tags[1][1] } },
    { rule = { class = "Codeblocks" },
        properties = { tag = tags[1][2] } },

I found someone describing the same problem here, and tried what was suggested (checking the window's class in an event) and I also checked the window's class using xprop, both methods tell me that "Empathy" is the correct class.

c:connect_signal("property::class", function(c)
        naughty.notify({ text = "CHANGED name!" .. c.class })

How can I make empathy appear on the "im" tag?

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I just noticed: When changing the rule and adding a width and height to the client like so: properties = { tag = tags[1][5], floating = true }, callback = function( c ) c:geometry( { width = 300 , height = 800 } ) end }, then the width and height get set correctly... so the class name is recognized - meaning the issue must be something else. –  Germanunkol Sep 6 '13 at 7:28
Create a simple callback function which show the new client's properties. The xprop isn't good because maybe something changed. –  uzsolt Oct 21 '13 at 15:58
I added this line: naughty.notify({text = c.class .. ": " .. c.name}) to the mouse::enter signal. It displays Empathy: Contact List when I hover the mouse over the client. So this works fine. Also, when I add: awful.client.movetotag(tags[1][tagIdByName("im")]) to the same signal, the client gets moved to the im tag, just like I want it. But at the start, using either "properties" or "callback" in a rul (as displayed above) this doesn't work. The width and height changes, but it's not moved to another tag. –  Germanunkol Nov 20 '13 at 9:42
I noticed something else: The rule works, when starting empathy manually, later during the session. Just not at startup. –  Germanunkol Nov 22 '13 at 18:15

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