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I'm currently using outlook.application to send mail from a shared mailbox.

I need a way to send these messages without my email address appearing on the 'from' list. It should only be the shared mailbox appearing. At the moment i'm using .sentOnBehalfOf, is there something else i should be using?

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Request Send As permission.


You should be able choose the shared account in the From field of email.

Use .SendUsingAccount to specify the shared account in VBA.


Sub Which_Account_Number()
'Don't forget to set a reference to Outlook in the VBA editor
Dim OutApp As Outlook.Application
Dim I As Long

Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

For I = 1 To OutApp.Session.Accounts.Count
    MsgBox OutApp.Session.Accounts.Item(I) & " : This is account number " & I
Next I
End Sub

The shared account will likely be 2.

With OutMail

    .SendUsingAccount = OutApp.Session.Accounts.Item(2)

End With
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