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I am running a shell script which accepts date in "YYYY-MM-DD" format. from this date input, how can i get year, month and day separately?

Thanks for replies in advance.

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except for processing the string as text(with grep/sed/awk/cut/...), you could do with with date command:

kent$  date -d '2013-09-06' +%Y

kent$  date -d '2013-09-06' +%m

kent$  date -d '2013-09-06' +%d
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Try this :

arr=( $( date --date=$dt "+%Y  %m  %d") )
echo "Year > $arr"
echo "Month > ${arr[1]}"
echo "Month > ${arr[2]}"
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You could do this to store them on variables with one command:

read YEAR MONTH DAY < <(date -d '2013-09-06' '+%Y %m %d')
printf "%s\n" "$YEAR" "$MONTH" "$DAY"
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