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Suppose I want to append a line to a file in Fortran. Using a recent version (4.7) of gfortran, I find that this works:

program test
  integer :: lun=10, i=0

  open(FILE='test.dat', UNIT=lun)

     read(lun, *, END=20) i
     print *, i
  end do
20 backspace(lun)

  write(lun, *), i+1
end program test

In gfortran 4.4 however, it overwrites the last line. To append, I find I need to use

20 continue

instead of backspace.

What is up with that? How would you handle this in a real program?

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seems like simply incorrect behvavior in 4.4. per standard "if the preceding record is an endfile record, the file becomes positioned before the endfile record.". – agentp Sep 6 '13 at 17:35
fwiw, an old g77 (3.4.6) behaves as expected (not overwriting), while gfortran 4.1.2 overwrites. Both work properly using open append (though the g77 needs access= instead of position= ) – agentp Sep 6 '13 at 18:16
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program test
  integer :: lun=10, i=0,io

  open(FILE='test.dat', UNIT=lun, POSITION="append")


  if (io==0) then
    read(lun,*) i
    i = 0
  end if

  write(lun, *) i+1

end program test
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