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We're currently developing a game in Unity, and while most of my colleagues are having no problem debugging and running the game in the Unity Editor, my screen's height changes by exactly 38.0 pixels every now and again.

My eyes can't see it happen because it happens so fast, but I noticed it because the Input.mousePosition.y is also influenced by it (also exactly 38.0 pixels up) which gives me a hard time testing the game. It seems to be happening most when I'm clicking, I guess because that produces a very (very) small frame-drop as a result of raycasts. When I log my screen height it actually changes by 38.0 pixels.

I've checked our code and we seem to be doing nothing with the screen's height at all.

When playing a build version of the game the problem seems to be resolved... but I'm having a hard time to test the game from the editor right now. Does anyone have experience in dealing with this issue?

Thank you in advance!

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Can you reproduce the problem in a simple example, one with just mouse click code. Having a constant delta like that might indicate a coding issue more than a resolution problem w/ the engine. –  Jerdak Sep 6 '13 at 12:23
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