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I hope an area of my web page transparent to users in chrome, just like a hole, i.e. users can see behind the browser window's content. I tried set body background-color transparent, but in vain. Does anybody know if this is possible for chrome's current releases?

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If I understand, you want the website to be transparent and to be able to see what's behind chrome browser ? Like the desktop ? Nope, it's not possible... – Kyu_ Sep 6 '13 at 8:50

Well , behind the body tag is html and it's white , so if you are going to set your body tag transparent you will see nothing but a white color :) So this operation makes no sense in the end.

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It will be nice if it is possible but heir are no control to do this currently i am sorry.

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No sir, that would be strange and perhaps even insecure behavior indeed.

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The default browser background is white, so if you have a transparent body, you'll see white in that area. There is no HTML control that I know of to change this.

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Not only in chrome, no other browsers can do like that. Its not possible.

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