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i have a question about the adb forwarder stuff

My situation:

  • Ressources: 1 Windows PC where i write my code, 1 Android device (Android 2.2) connected via USB to the Windows PC, 1 Linux Server running inside a virtual Machine (VMWare) on the Windows PC
  • Task: the android device has to connect the virtual Machine via TCP (Port 65001)
  • restrictions: I am not allowed to use wlan for that (because of some issues that i can't influence). I am not able to do usb (reverse) tethering because my devices does not have the usb tethering option in the android menu (disabled by the manufacturer).

I am able to telnet the port to the virtual machine (telnet 65001) and get my data. So there are no network problems between local and virtual machine. The local ip address is

Now i need a bridge from the incoming port 65000 to the listening Port on the virtual machine (65001). I have used the following command adb forward tcp:65000 tcp:65000 to get a tcp connection over usb from my android device to my localhost (and vice versa). As I know you can't forward with adb to a remote machine.

Now the problem is that i can't bridge from to any other port to get the full communication path. If I try to create a listening connection on i get an error with the message that the port is already bind (because of adb forward tcp:65000 tcp:65000). If the forward blocks all other connection on this port, how can i get the incoming data from the android device?

I've tried to tunnel via putty (localhost:65000 (win) -> server:65001) and I've written a little program that creates a listening server (socket) on and sends the information to via

Has anybody an idea how to solve my situation? If so please explain. Maybe this helps others too to handle the adb forwarding function.

hint: The Ports and addresses are only examples. The only fix port number is the listening port on the virtual machine

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