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I have one object A with some methods ma, mb, mc and this object implements an interface B with only ma and mb.

When I serialize B I expect only ma and mb as a json response but I get as well mc.

I'd like to automatize this behaviour so that all the classes I serialize get serialized based on the interface and not on the implementation.

How should I do that?


public interface Interf {
    public boolean isNo();

    public int getCountI();

    public long getLonGuis();


public class Impl implements Interf {

    private final String patata = "Patata";

    private final Integer count = 231321;

    private final Boolean yes = true;

    private final boolean no = false;

    private final int countI = 23;

    private final long lonGuis = 4324523423423423432L;

    public String getPatata() {
        return patata;

    public Integer getCount() {
        return count;

    public Boolean getYes() {
        return yes;

    public boolean isNo() {
        return no;

    public int getCountI() {
        return countI;

    public long getLonGuis() {
        return lonGuis;



    ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

    Interf interf = new Impl();
    String str = mapper.writeValueAsString(interf);



    "patata": "Patata",
    "count": 231321,
    "yes": true,
    "no": false,
    "countI": 23,
    "lonGuis": 4324523423423423500

Expected response:

    "no": false,
    "countI": 23,
    "lonGuis": 4324523423423423500
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