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Hi I need some advice and help in designing a lock table for the concurrency within cluster. I have two weblogic servers in the cluster, and they will kick off some scripts to an external component. However, I would like to limit the concurrency of this script to one, and which means the memory kind of locking (hashtable) in JVM won't work.

So I am thinking to design a table for locking purpose, but have no experience. My initial thought is having a simple table contains "id", "unique key". Then in the Java code, aquireLock() will go and check if a entry with "unique key" has been created; if yes, then that mean someone has the lock; otherwise, insert a row. After the thread finish (script), it will remove the row from the database, which allow other thread to run the script.

Does this design make sense? Any one has tried to implement similar? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks

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Why not using row-version or timestamp approach? –  Mohsen Heydari Sep 9 '13 at 17:34

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