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I try to build the jar to use uiautomator from Android. I create a very simple Test and add the UiAutomatorTestCase :

public class TestUIAutomator extends UiAutomatorTestCase  {

public TestUIAutomator(String name) throws UiObjectNotFoundException {
    // Simulate a short press on the HOME button.

protected void setUp() throws Exception {


Then I use ant to create build :

android create uitest-project -n HelloWorldTestUIAutomator -t 11 -p D:\tec_met_android\HelloWorldTestUIAutomator

with success and then I run build in Eclipse and ant command and I get :

Buildfile: D:\tec_met_android\HelloWorldTestUIAutomator\build.xml

help: [echo] Out file : D:\tec_met_android\HelloWorldTestUIAutomator\bin/HelloWorldTestUIAutomator.jar [echo] Android Ant Build. Available targets: [echo] help: Displays this help. [echo] clean: Removes output files created by other targets. [echo] build: Builds the test library. [echo] install: Installs the library on a connected device or [echo] emulator. [echo] test: Runs the tests. [echo] It is possible to mix targets. For instance: [echo] ant build install test [echo] This will build, install and run the test in a single command. BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 414 milliseconds

But in the output directory there is no JAR

Thank for help

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Are you using eclipse for coding? –  Smriti Sep 17 '13 at 9:52

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