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I am using Matlab to Compute the rank of a matrix as:

r=rank(A, tol)

where A is the matrix, tol is tolerance. when the matrix is small there seems to be no issue. But when the matrix is large matlab often returns with error saying the SVD should not have NAN or INF as input.

As far as my understanding goes, the the rank computing algorithm should return a number for a matrix, but when I see such error I wonder if there are special matrices for which rank cannot be computed. Is there better way to compute the rank in Matlab ? I am looking for a reliable algo to compute the rank of a matrix! Why is the rank computation algo so sensitive to some matrices?

EDIT: please check this dependence on tol:

rank(magic(100), 10e-10)

ans =


rank(magic(100), 10e-30)

ans =


I am basically computing the controllability matrix of a linear system for which I am checking the rank condition. The matrix sizes are in the order of 100x100 to 200x200. So the input to the rank is as follows

A= ctrb (P, Q) % P, Q are matrices in the LTI system X[n+1]=P*x[n]+ Q*U[n]
r=rank(A, tol)

so, question is then can controllability function ctrb produces matrices with INF or NAN? Based on the definition of the controllability matrix :

A= [Q P*Q P^2*Q, ...P^n-1*Q]

If P and Q are any matrices with bounded values, can A have INF or NAN? I am expecting that the above computation of A using the ctrb for any bounded P, Q matrices can not produce a matrix output with NAN or INF.

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That's strange, because the very first thing that rank does is svd(A). So if svd complains about infinite or NaN values, how can those values be present in A? Are you sure they are not already in A to begin with? – Luis Mendo Sep 6 '13 at 10:55
How large is the matrix? Are you POSITIVE there are no nan or inf values in the matrix? – user85109 Sep 6 '13 at 12:29

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