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I just started the use of Mapkit Framework. I got a sample code from here.

But when I build the code it returns the following error.

/SourceCache/GoogleMobileMaps/GoogleMobileMaps-201/googlenav/mac/Loader.mm:195 server returned error: 407

It does not shows the map.

I am confused whether the code has an error or there is some error with Google services.

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Have you included the MapKit framework? At what point does this error happen? –  lyonanderson Dec 8 '09 at 9:19
In case you don't know where to look it up: Error 407 means "Proxy Authentication Required". –  Mike Williams Dec 8 '09 at 10:29

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I have found a solution, we need to add Credentials to user's keychain here is my code

NSURLCredentialStorage * credentialStorage=[NSURLCredentialStorage sharedCredentialStorage]; //(1)
NSURLCredential * newCredential;
newCredential=[NSURLCredential credentialWithUser:@"myUserName" password:@"myPWD" persistence:NSURLCredentialPersistencePermanent]; //(2)
NSURLProtectionSpace * mySpaceHTTP=[[NSURLProtectionSpace alloc] initWithProxyHost:@"ipProxy" port:port type:NSURLProtectionSpaceHTTPProxy realm:nil authenticationMethod:nil]; //(3)
NSURLProtectionSpace * mySpaceHTTPS=[[NSURLProtectionSpace alloc] initWithProxyHost:@"ipProxy" port:port type:NSURLProtectionSpaceHTTPSProxy realm:nil authenticationMethod:nil]; //(4)
[credentialStorage setCredential:newCredential forProtectionSpace:mySpaceHTTP]; //(5)
[credentialStorage setCredential:newCredential forProtectionSpace:mySpaceHTTPS]; //(6)

I recovered first the sharedCredentialStorage (1), then i created new NSURLCredential containing my user name, password, and the type of persistence to use (2) . After that I created two NSURLProtectionSpace (3)(4): one for HTTPS Connexion, and one for HTTP Connexion

And finally, i added NSURLCredential the sharedCredentialStorage for these ProtectionSpaces (5)(6)

I hope that this code can help you

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Yes we have included Mapkit framework.After viewDidLoad error is coming ,don't have exact idea from which delegate method is giving this error

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