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I am new to regular expressions and I am trying to extract some specific values from this string:

"Iban: EU4320000713864374\r\nSwift: DTEADCCC\r\nreg.no 2361 \r\naccount no. 1234531735"

Values that I am trying to extract:



This is what I am trying to do now:

preg_match('/[^Iban: ](?<iban>.*)[^\\r\\nreg.no ](?<regnr>.*)[^\\r\\n]/',$str,$matches);

All I am getting back is null or empty array. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

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The square brackets make no sense, you perhaps meant to anchor at the beginning of a line:

$result = preg_match(
    '/^Iban: (?<iban>.*)\R.*\R^reg.no (?<regnr>.*)/m'
    , $str, $matches

This requires to set the multi-line modifier (see m at the very end). I also replaced \r\n with \R so that this handles all kind of line-separator sequences easily.

Example: https://eval.in/47062

A slightly better variant then only captures non-whitespace values:

$result = preg_match(
    '/^Iban: (?<iban>\S*)\R.*\R^reg.no (?<regnr>\S*)/m'
    , $str, $matches

Example: https://eval.in/47069

Result then is (beautified):

    [0]     => "Iban: EU4320000713864374
reg.no 2361"
    [iban]  => "EU4320000713864374"
    [1]     => "EU4320000713864374"
    [regnr] => "2361"
    [2]     => "2361"
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Thanks, that worked – Pavel Sep 6 '13 at 12:47
@Pavel: See the update. And see my comment about the square brackets. I don't know why you put them there in the first place. – hakre Sep 6 '13 at 12:48
preg_match return bool, not matches – Mpol Dec 4 '13 at 11:20
@Mpol: It returns $result as bool|int (false, 0, 1) and $matches as byref parameter. – hakre Dec 16 '13 at 10:37
preg_match("/Iban: (\\S+).*reg.no (\\S+)/s", $str, $matches);

There is a specific feature about newlines: dot (.) does not match newline character unless s flag is specified.

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