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I want to host Java RESTful web service which operates over MongoDB. I am thinking of hosting it in Amazon EC2. Please suggest me what configuration I should use. Here is my systems abstract

  • It is a set of java RESTful api which will be consumed by a mobile application say XXX (in all platforms).
  • XXX is a kind of social networking app focused on user's movie preference. A user can search a movie, view its profile write review, like,comment others reviews, follow users,etc,.
  • I have all movie related information, user profile information and reviews stored in MongoDB. Now with only 100 test users and 1L movie's information my db size is 0.5 GB.
  • I must be capable of supporting large number of requests with low latency.

I understand that I can increase RAM & local storage whenever I want. But can I run mongoDB within the same EC2 instance? Want guidance on deciding combinations such as EBS , AWS Elastic Beanstalk , etc. Please help me with choosing the right configuration.(I would also like to know other better options for hosting my webservice)

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